Click Checkbox in a table based on dynamic values

Hi Community,

I want to click the checkbox depending upon “Mod Trn” and “Description”. PFB screenshot of table. These values are dynamic and will be fed by Excel sheet.

Hi @tilarapiyush

I think this is almost same query i have solved some time back,

can you please check this post and try to do the same logic here also


This won’t work as there are 2 dynamic values which determine the correct checkbox. e.g. It could be combination of (CL1 and ATOZ) or(CL2 and ATOZ) and so on.

In that post I take the value of name using one get attribute so you can use 2 get attributes for both mod trn and description ,we can tweak that little bit and it should works fine.

So just one question did the selectors shoe table row and column values in selectors if indicate anything in the table…

Yes, the selectors do show the Table row and columns while selecting any element in the table. Could you explain how to apply your solution in my case step wise ?

Just to add to my problem, the number of rows also are dynamic here.

I have modified the workflow which check for 2 columns instead of 1 column,

sample (2).xaml (17.7 KB)

change the selector as per your need


I understood the selectors, just want to know how the process flow should look and what activities to be used.

Here are the steps we need

  1. We extract aaname form 2nd column (Mod trn) and 3rd column (description)

  2. We check if the aaname of both these are equal to what we want.(if it is not equal we increase the row number and check the next row this will continue in loop until the condition is met)

  3. If it is equal then that row number and 1st column number is the selector for that check box which we can check using click or check activity.


Could you send the workflow in Zip to my mail ( ?

Are you not able to download the workflow I have attached earlier?

There are activities missing as it happens while downloading.

Okay I will send through mail also please try update all the packages to the latest version…thanks

Hi, I tried your method but the roadblock is that bot is unable to pick aanames from each row while using While activity. Error is that the bot is unable to find the Ui Element when it tries to get the aaname of row elements as it moves down from row 1.

Below I am pasting selector screenshot of 2 different elements.

Elements CL1 and CL2, both have same Table Row.


I was able to fix the issue by making Parent ID dynamic instead of tableRows. PFB screenshot.

Only thing I am stuck at now is ending the While Loop when condition is met. I am using Studio 2019 and it says Break Activity can only be used inside For Each loop. Could you suggest an alternative to break activity here.

Hi @tilarapiyush

You have to give condition in while loop ,

like if you set a variable 0 at start(before while loop) and once your condition met you have to make the variable value to that is will comes out of the loop.