Tick multiple box refer to search number of data

Dear All Experts,

Good day.
I am looking for a solution where the scenario may look like this on below.

a) Login to web system
b) Ctrl + F to search item number
c) tick in the box
d) repeat b and c to the following number search

issue here
the number may not be in sequence, it can be a few row below after, how to teach the robot to read the particular row and tick the box correctly?

hi @Alfred_Gan

You need to use a dynamic selector to achieve this

Check this threads to know about dynamic selectors


Hello @Alfred_Gan

Here you need to get the attribute idx or rowNum for the respective item number. Then you need to use that attribute in the selector of checkbox to click.

Searching (ctrl+f) and clicking maynot work here.

So it is a dynamic allocation of variables.


Hello, @Alfred_Gan - Using Anchors would work here since the position of the number may change every time. Have a look on the below link

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