How do i select a check box in a table based on the other text parameters in the same row

In the screenshot, i need to select a checkbox based on the BatchID OR Batch Name.
Please advise.

Hi @Aaditya,

You can use Anchor-Base activity here,

And make sure to use dynamic selector for the anchor.

Another technique is to search into the table for the particular row by e.g. BatchId and then using the row position information for clicking the checkbox along with a dynamic selector.

Thanks. Can you please explain in detail on how can i achieve this ?


  • readin the web table into a datatable e.g with the screen scraping or custom find children
  • searching the datatable e.g. filter datatable or LINQ statement
  • identifying the row index e.g. idexOf method or Linq

for dynamizing the selector an analysis on the web table structure is needed, but in general an idx selector attribute can often be used for adressing a particular checkbox.

In case of it is a public link, can you share the URL with us?

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Thank You ! i will try this out.


just for a general explanation: have look here:


inspecting the structure in uiexplorer:

instead of 5 just dynamize it

its a general demo, only for explanations. just do the analysis and have a look on your scenario

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Thanks for the detailed explanations. I will try this…