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Hi everyone,

I would like to check if image exists, store the reference to this image and make a Click Activity points to the referenced image.
Is that possible or I need to use a Click Image Activity and recapture the image that I previously used in the Image Exists Activity?

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Hi @Vinicius,

Yes you can use the Find Image Activity, Output property allows you to save the resulting image as “FoundElement”. Pass that variable to the Click image activity.


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Hi PD2,

How can I write within my Click image activity the action of clicking on “FoundElement”? Should I use the “element” option that is inside of “Target” activity property?


Please use the Element property to assign the variable resulted from Find Image


Another doubt that i’m having, if I use Click Image activity, it always ask me to select an Image.
So in this case, I should use “Click Activity” instead of “Click Image Activity” right?


If the image can be selected as an individual element on the screen while using the Click Activity, then use that one. Click Image is only when you can not select it as an individual element for whatever reason. That goes for all the Image activities too, so if you can select it as an element, then use Find Element, Click Element, or TypeInto, etc.

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Since the resulted variable from FoundElement is of type “UiElement” and Click Image accepts Image type as input. Therefore use Click Activity to pass in the Element property.

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