How to Click On Blod text in the desktop application dynamically in UiPath?


Hi All, Here i want to click on the BOLD TEXT ex([ Internet ]) dynamically in a desktop application. Please find the attached screenshot for your reference.

Can someone suggest how to solve this in UiPath, I tried with Click, Click image, Get attribute, Get text, Get full text and some other activities also. But i am unable to give dynamic selector.

NOTE- when i am trying to do any action(Click, get text, image exist, Get attribute, get full text, etc…) in the particular area (ex - given screenshot area) in the application it is taking same selector. it is varying IDX number only.

Selector is like this…

Hi @Santhosh_G ,

Can you check in the Visual Tree whether you are able to locate an innertext or an aaname attribute that you can make use of?

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Ashwin A.K


Try using a FIND CHILDREN activity and click on the text you want
Clicking on characters that are bold in specific is not possible I believe
Rather if we know the name which we want to click then it’s possible with either Click text or with find children

Cheers @Santhosh_G

Apart from this i am unable to find any other selector(aaname,innertext, class,parent id, parent class… etc…).

Hi @Santhosh_G ,

Could you try with Click OCR Text Activity then?

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Ashwin A.K

Hi Palaniyappan,
Thanks for your response, But here the text which we want to click is dynamic only. it is not fixed. it will vary for each iteration.
Thank you.

Is there any way we can standardise that
Like you click on text which is between square brackets

If so once after getting the text value using find children activity you can validate whether it has square bracket or not and then click on it


Hi Aswin, I tried but not working. Thankyou

Hi @Santhosh_G ,

Add Class and aastate in the selector and try again.


Hi arivu, Here we are unable to add any selector. Thank you.

HI @Santhosh_G

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Method 1:

Have you tried with Find Children Activity

Method 2:

Try with Click Text Activity and pass the text


Fine then

  1. Let’s use find children activity and get the descendants

  2. Use a for each activity and pass the output variable from find children and in for each activity change the type argument as UiPath.Core.UiElement in the property panel
    —inside the loop use GET ATTRIBUTE activity where pass the variable item.ToString to the property Element in the property panel of get attribute activity
    —now in the get attribute activity we can mention as “tag” and get the output with a variable of type string named str_output

  3. Then use a IF activity inside the same for each loop and see what is the value of that tag
    Either it should be “H1” or “b”

So set the condition like this

Str_output.ToString.ToUpper.Contains(“H1”) or Str_output.ToString.ToUpper.Contains(“B”)

If true it goes to then block where use a CLICK TEXT activity and pass the str_output as input

Cheers @Santhosh_G