How to make selector dynamic


In a web portal the text changes for every iteration, I need to click on the text for that iteration what the text available. I used the click activity but its clicking for the 1st iteration and not clicking for the rest of the iterations because of dynamic nature of the text. What are the attributes I need to change for clicking on text for that iterations.

1st iteration:

2nd iteration:


Have a look here on how to build a dynamic selector:

You can give wildcards for the attributes like ‘aaname’ or ‘innertext’ or whatever you are using in your selectors. here is a example:

Hi @raju_alakuntla

Are you getting these Engineer Redlines, Engineer Presurvey from some place.
If so you can keep them in the variable and pass that variable in the selector for that click activity.
or else if you’re using modern activities,
use an anchor and select that name column name for clicking the first row.


Might help. UiPath DYNAMIC Selectors - How to Use Dynamic Selector in UiPath? - YouTube

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