How to click a text that dynamically change in a for each row?

I’m trying to use Click Text activity. That text must be a link contains it’s details, and the text come from a Excel page and Open browser is placed in a for each row process. Also the text change every itration of for each. How can I click that specific text in a web page given by user.


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Please check the selectors and pass the dynamic variable of text to aaname or innerText
for further reference please find below link

A Manohar

I tried above example but it’s not working, I share my error here


We have number of job titles in our excel sheet we try to scrap all details of that specified jobs from a site.


share screenshot of selector of click activity.

this is my UIExploarer for selector and ![Capture2|433x204]

Capture2 this is my click activity


use Find children activity to get all the links.
and use get attribute to get the name of the url.
use click activity and pass the value to it.

Hope it will work in dynamic way rather using click Text.

A Manohar

Sure I will try.

Thank you…passed idx values dynamically

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