How to click line one by one in SAP

Hello, gueys,

I have a issue.

I have a lines in SAP transaction - each time can be different number of lines. So I do the Data Scraping to get those lines and I need to click each line one by one (one in a time and then it does further steps).

I have tried a to do a counter


and changed the selector

But the robot is clicking only on the first line (3 times because there are 3 lines).

Thanks for help.

Hey @HanaO

You can try “Find Children” activity where it extracts all the child elements in your table, then you can iterate with the Collection.

Hi @HanaO ,

The Counter was not converted into a variable.

Ithas to be taken as a variable from the UI Explorer itself.
Press Ctrl+K in the UI Explorer and select the variable from the dropdown list.



Could you try that and let us know if it works out for you?

Kind Regards,
Ashwin A.K

Thank you. This works fine.

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