How to iterate SAP table one by one?

Hi Everyone,

In SAP i have order items each item have a table.
In that table we don’t know how many rows will be there.
Here I want to click each row of that table until there is no row.
How can I do that?
Can help me.

Thanks in advance
Krishna Reddy


If’s not possible by selectors, perhaps you can do it trying to use Data Scraping, besides that you also could extract table clicking in SAP Download option (export to CSV;XLS) and use datatable ~ read range activity to get number of rows.

Another case, is create a VBS file and do logic by SAPGUI Scripting, you can call the code by invoke vba activity.

If neither of these work arounds works, and if I’m not wrong I know that recently UiPath has been available Computer Vision package, maybe would be interesting to explore that.


Hi @Felipe_Kotinda thanks for the Response.
I have done until the read range activity after that I couldn’t understand that how to click each row.