Iterate through each line with double click in SAP


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Goal: I want to double click each line (the ones with black lines). Each line then leads me to a similar window where the same process will be necessary. The number of lines varies.

What I have done so far: I have managed to get a correct count of the lines through creating a data table. My idea was read the data table, getting the number of lines and then clicking each corresponding line in SAP. I have also passed a variable in the selector but Uipath only clicks one line (using a single click for testing purposes).

Anyone have any ideas? Your help would be greatly appreciated.



UntitledSAP.xaml (13.9 KB)


Did you checked the selector for each of the row manually using UiExplorer? Are you sure that only ‘Rowstart’ variable value within the selector changes and the whole selector stays intact?

Rammohan B.


Yes. The variable within the selector is the only one that changes because it contains the row number.

I have in the meantime managed to get it to iterate every line but it doesn’t want to stop at 3 (in this case). It wants to find another line that doesn’t exist. I was trying to implement a counter but am having a hard time implementing this.

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If you are still facing issue with this, i would suggest you to also try ‘Find Children’ activity. Since you would like to click on every row, identify your table as the selector for the activity and then the row selector as the Filter selector. Using the for each again you should be able to iterate through each one of the child elements(i.e.) rows identified.

Let me know if you need any help on that.

Rammohan B.


Hi Rammohan

Thanks for the reply but I’m not sure how to implement your solution. I’m not familiar with that activity and I’m not sure where I should place it.



I believe I have solved this. Used an If activity and and basically said to loop if Rowstart is >= Rownumber.

Thanks for your help.


Great.:slight_smile: Check this thread just in case you would like to see the way to implement a table using Find Children activity.

Rammohan B.


Thanks :+1: