How to click line by line

hello friends,
I would like to know, how i can click line by line (“Formulaire en ligne”) as you can see in screenshot below, to get the data to process in antother software. and after that select Item For each line.
I need your help guys.

@sam35 Use Data Scraping on that section - should output to a DataTable. Then loop through that DataTable, and for each line use Navigate To activity on each link.

Thnaks @sagacity for your Answer but i don’t know how to navigate to activity on each link :frowning:

@sam35 When you’re looping through the datatable, one column will have the URL - put the value from that column as the URL input for the Navigate To Activity.

HI @sam35

Once you do the data scraping as @sagacity mentioned, you data table will have some values of the each row. Now what you need to do is, open the UI Explorer and get some selectors generated for a drop down element you have there. Then check whether that selector has something value that you can extract through you data scraping in to the datatable. If it has any tag which holds a similar value, we could use that to make the selector dynamic. This will help us to reach the correct element each time we iterate through the data table.

If there are no matching values like that, then get some selectors generated for drop down elements in different rows. Then check whether there is some sort of a index number which change for each row. If there is a number like that, we can introduce a variable within the loop to increment its number in each iteration and use that variable in the selector to locate the drop down element we need.

Hope my point is clear… :slight_smile:

hey gus,
thanks for your answers, but i couldn’t do it :frowning:
In fact, the click doesn’t work.
Please find attach the script.
test.xaml (11.2 KB)

can you please help me.

try to use ui explorer to click the row let see the row number or index
then change the selector it to a variable, after finish one, assign index = index + 1

Thanks @raymondhui but i don’t know how to change the selector into a variable. do you have an exemple ?

Here is an example for how to use dynamic selector
Main.xaml (6.7 KB)

thanks @Jacob_Frost, i did it but i still have one small probleme i don’t kow why my INDX is staying at 1, even if i did assing IDX = IDX +1. it is staying at 1. please find attach my script
test.xaml (13.2 KB)
could u please have a look ?

It is staying one because you have the scope of the variable set to the body. So every time you go to the next item it will reset the variable as it goes out of scope. If you change the scope of IDX to the do then it should not reset for each item.

Hope this helps!

@Jacob_Frost it is working know thnaks a lot @Jacob_Frost you are the best :slight_smile:

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