How to select line items in table from a website


My bot needs to select single line item in each iteration please guide me how to select each item in web table

Thanks in adv

You can try extracting the table and then using a for each row in datatable activity to get each row


As you are working on a Web table the first thing you have to do is grab all the data from table using the Data Scrapping in UiPath
Check the selector of the element on which you want to click and create the selector using Uiexplorer in UiPath
Check the selector attribute with the data which you have scraped using the data scrapping.
There must be an element in selector which is already available in the data scrapping table . Like aaname= Society name.
So using the above logic you can create the selector dynamic and able to click on the elements dynamically.
Please can you share the selector on which, you want to click and one data row, which you will get after data scrapping.
Also please check on Google how to make dynamic selector in UiPath.

use “Extract datatable” store it in a datatable variable then use “for eachrow in datatable” and get each row of it


Hey @rsr.chandu ,
You can “For Each UI element”
and then do you process inside it

if you want to check each line item then you can use check/uncheck activity
Refer below image

Hope it helps you

I need to select the line item from this table

Suppose you want Quote Name from the table then after extraction, use a foreach row in datatable activity and to get the value you can use currentItem(“Quote Name”)

Hi @rsr.chandu

=> Use extract datatable activity to extract the line items as datatable.
=> Use for each row in datatable activity to iterate the extracted datatable.
=> Use the click activity to check the check box. First indicate the first checkbox.
=> When indicating the checkbox check the strict selectors and uncheck the fuzzy selectors and Image.
=> Open the Ui explorer and select one attribute like row.
=> Create a variable of count and pass to that attribute.

Hope it helps!!

Hi @rsr.chandu

  1. Use application/Browser
    2.Extract data table
    3.For each row in data table
    4.Take assign activity and save the row data and pass that variable in click activity

I hope you understand!!