How to move down one, click link, extract data, and repeat

Hello all.

i need to create a loop that will click on a link in a window, extract data, then move down to the next link, and repeat. I have tried to use the positions of the column but that is not working. Can you please help? THe links i need to click are blue. This window is the same everytime it is pulled up but the number of bundles can vary image

You could take a look here. The request sounds similar


If it is a web page,
You can use data scrapping and just get coulmn data and its url, then you can loop through datatable

If it is win app
You can achive same by making selectors dynamic

If you can just post link or app or something then probably i will try to find answers


I am not able to attach a link because the link is associated with internal software and wont be able to be accessed without credentials. My problem is that i cannot get my robot to move down to the next link and click in this popup window. i have tried anchor base but it will not move to the next link. Can you help?

Is it possible to paste selector?

Here you go.

This is my code i have so far. Everything runs good except it only clicks on the first bundle, 5 times.Test2.xaml (56.8 KB)

Check table row property
And make dynamic selector

im very new to RPA and Im not sure on how to get started with creating the dynamic selector. The area i need to click on is -

The only thing that changes in the next link going downward is the ctl3; the next link i need to click is “ctl4”, etc.

Can you get me started?

<webctrl id=‘DataEntryGrid__ctl3_lblBundle’ tag=‘SPAN’ />

hi @rahatadi. after extracting data i’m trying to navigate each link and get data using get text, but i’m unable to get data for each link. Even though i replaced selector with wild char’s , still it’s not working.

Is it possible you to share workflow?