Datatable iterate through selector dynamically of scrape data

Hi there!

By using data scraping I had extracted data from the datatable and
I’m trying to click on each row of extracted data dynamically , so how can we do that
Please help me if you find any solutions,. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you!


You should first see the selector of the element which you wish to click. Check if its is changing row by row like ‘RowCol’= 1,2,3 etc . Then after that you should pass the dynamic selector inside click activity. Use foreach row to loop through your data table and then use the click activity with the dynamic selector in it.

check if the data is in the table format, if yes, then in selector you must have a properties called row index and col index, so check the first row index number(it will be 0 most of the time), initialise the variable with first row index. and then in selector use that variable.

  1. use element exist and then use click, after operations has been completed increment the row index by 1 .
  2. again use element exist and then use click.

by this you can make sure you will click all the existing rows in the page.

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I couldn’t found ‘RowCol’ or anything like that in element selector .

What are you trying to click?

Trying to click on each row of the ‘file name’ column.

Pass that file name variable inside the selector.