How to click checkbox based on the text/value in same row in SAP spool request area

Hi All,
I am currently creating a workflow where it should click the checkbox in the same row of the text/value appearing in the spool request area of SAP. Can anyone suggests?

Referring to the screenshot below, I would like to click the checkbox based on the customer inv # in the same row as the checkbox (each row would have the same operation). Example, if current generated customer invoice number is 909 then I want the robot to click on the checkbox for row of customer invoice number of 909.

Hello !

I guess you will have to investiguate in the selectors of each checkbox.

Use a Click activity on the first selector and open the selector (in the property tab or in UI Explorer).

See the differences between the selectors of the two boxes. There should be a dynamic part corresponding to the row number or maybe the customer info.

You can use some variables in the selector in order to make it dynamic. In order to put a variable, you have to write it like that {{myVariableInvoiceNumber}}