Click on SAP check box based on data in Sheet 3

HI @BenZee, All,

In this part I need to click SAP check box based on data filtered at Sheet 3.

In the above screenshots, Sales Order#607636690-3100, there is a value in Fabrication Facility = Fab 6.

In Sap, under this Sales order, there are multiple attributes but I need BOT will click exact matching attributes which is in Sheet 3.

The attributes keep changing on different attributes, but BOT will always click the matching attributes with Sheet 3 (Row C2 & D2)

Please help me how to do it.

HI @Asitabha_Deb_asitabhad

You try this with ’ Click Text ’ Activity


Hello @Asitabha_Deb_asitabhad

You can use the click text activity, as @Sudharsan_Ka mentioned.

You can also watch these videos about scripting in SAP, if the buttons or the table is not easy to spy in UiPath.

First Video: How is the structure of SAP?

Second Video: How to script using C#

Third Video: How to script using VB.NET
UiPath | SAP GUI Scripting with VB.Net | How to connect to SAP with VB.Net | SAP GUI Automation - YouTube

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Yea, I know it will be click activity.
But as per my screenshots, the click will be based on data which is in excel file.
It should be dynamic because different Sales order will be different value.

I hope guys, you understand what I want.


Hey @Asitabha_Deb_asitabhad,

To help figure out how to make this a dynamic selector, it might be helpful to see a screenshot of the selector you are getting from your check/uncheck or click activity. The hope is to replace specific values in the selector with a variable that represents your values from sheet3. But, without seeing the selector, it would be some guesswork as to what would be replaced. Is it possible to upload a screenshot of that?

Hi Benzee,

Here it is.

It is the table row which needs to be dynamic.
as per screenshots 1st check box = table row 1, 2nd check box = table row 2,


Hi @Asitabha_Deb_asitabhad,

Unfortunately, I can’t see enough from that screenshot to determine the best options for the selector. Generally, the editor, which is what your screenshot shows, has a more simplified view of options when compared against the Ui Explorer. Is it possible to get a screenshot of the Ui Explorer for that selector?

I have choose one Sales Order randomly take the screenshots of its selector.

Please let me know if you are able to see this or not.

you can iterate through each row using element exist, and get the text from that row, if that text matches your text in excel then click else increment the counter and again have a check.

you have to loop through each row and then compare.

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Can you please give me information in details.

The data are in SAP are Table mode.
First, I have tried through Data Scrapping but its not working.
Now, how to proceed for next step. In element exits activity I have entered one variable which is Boolean.