I have to click on Particular row dynamically. How to do that?

In the above screen, I have to click on a particular row dynamically, on the basis of the Item number.
For Ex: if Item Number is 220 then I will have to click on that row. But as this List contain too many rows click activity not working properly.
How to solve this problem.

Hi @sambulkar
Show the Selector part when u select any row in the table in ui explorer?

wnd app=‘saplogon.exe’ cls=‘SAP_FRONTEND_SESSION’ title=‘ZCONFUPDATE’ /><sap id=‘usr/cntlCC_ALV/shellcont/shell’ tableRow=’"+Index.ToString+"’ /

This selector I am using, Index Variable I am passing as row number

Hi @sambulkar
I am assuming that u are selecting the row based on this Item Number column as highlighted below right

Yes Right

did u confirmed that rownumber is pointing to the correct item number u need?

yes it is pointing to the correct row number, as it is having a drop-down list maybe because of that it is not working correctly

HI @sambulkar

The description of your issue is not clear. What is not working?

See my example based on the similar SAP GRID TABLE

This table is easy to automate, as we know all attributes about the whole element.

If you know Item number, you can use Get Attribute Activity to search for the right Item and as output will give you the right row number
Once you know the exact row number you can click any row you want.

You can also use SAP Table Scope Activity

So, a plenty of possibilities.

Best regards, Lev