How to click an UI element that is not visible?

Hi, I’m using a dynamic variable and its value depends on the date it gets from an excel. I used this variable as value in the ctrl name of the selector of my Click activity. I would like to click a value on the list of dates but it’s only clicking the one that is visible, not those date that are down below (need to scroll down when done manually). I tried to SimulateClick but it says :

I also tried SendWindowMessages but error says "Cannot send input to UI element because it is outside of screen bounds. "

Is there any other possible activity/approach to be used here? Thanks

Hi @elizmarie

Try using send hot keys!


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It works! I used the same selector in my click activity with the send hotkey activity then key “down”. Thanks a lot!

Hi @elizmarie

Glad it solved!

Sorry to bother, Could you marks solution to the post and close the thread so that it maybe useful to Some one who searches similar!



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