Click Activity cannot send input to UI element because it is outside of screen bounds

Hello everyone,

I am getting below error while using Click Activity. I am actually running differents pages and i have to click on a specific icon. It works in the two first pages, but at the third page, i have this issue.

I already used SimulateClick and SendWindowsMessages, but it doesn’t work.

Can someone help me about that?

Use maximize window after use browser and they use click activity
Try this hope it will work
Are you opening two tabs if yes you have to close the previous one so that only one sceen is visible.


Hi @Chirag_Shetty_Divakar thank you for your reply.

Yes i use the activity Close Tab to close one tabs another.

Can you please show me where i can find maximize window?





Just pass the input window element

Is the element visible when this error occurs, or would you require to scroll down or right before clicking on it, should you do it manually?
The main window can be in bounds of the screen resolution, but elements might be a few pages down

Then you need to use scrollbar using keyborad shortcut or send hotkey down key to scroll.


@ANGE Its mean your selector is not correct its changing according to every page. You need to check it

I @Chirag_Shetty_Divakar i already use hotkey down to scroll down and its work. But in the next page, the icon is visible, it the click activity doesn’t work there.


Check the selector of the click activity
Use check app state or element exits to check if the thing which you want to click is present on the page.
Then click it.

Or else give some delay before the click.


Hi @Chirag_Shetty_Divakar i tried those differents way, but i doesn’t work. I don’t really know what to use now.

Here a part of my workflow:

Here is my UI- Explorer for Click Activity:

Here my UI- Explorer for Element exist Activity:

I think it is because if idx
are you getting element exist as true?

Hi @ANGE Can you try setting the one of the property of click activity CursorMotionType as CursorMotionType.Instant


Yes! it’s getting the element

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Hi @ushu ok let me try


You can try using Hover activity before click so that if the element is outside it will fist come into the UI and then a click can be performed

And in your selector try using tag attribute which is better and reliable…unless you see changes in the tag in different sites


Hi @Anil_G it doesn’t work. I still have the same issue.

This is how my Click UI-Explorer looks like:

Here my Hover UI-Explorer:


Can you check if there is one more span element or a button below the td element…you can explore that from
The visual tree on the left side top

If yes then try using span …nothing changes in your selector …you would add one more line for tag span

And also it would be good if you can add tablecol


Hi @Anil_G i tried this way, unfortunatly i didn’t get a solution.


Is it possible to share the site you are trying to use?

Or can you show the screenshot of how it looks…

Or the visual tree that you can see once you spy


Yes of course i can share the site, but privatly, because it’s an intern project and i don’t want to share it in the entire Community. I hope you can understand.