How to check whether workflow can run in unattended robot

Is there any ways to check whether my workflow can be run/supported on the unattended bot or not?

Where can I see the code / item to check on it?

Thank you.

Hi @g_ii

Why do you want to check? Of courses all the process will work in unattended bot.

If all the set up are done correctly, we can run the bot as unattended


Cause currently the workflow that I publish can run and is successful to run while I am run through the “start job” option in the orchestrator.

However, when I wanted to trigger it, the unattended robot is now showing up at the area specific robot.
And, the weird things is when I manually start the job on the unattended robot, it doesn’t face any problem.

And thinking that is the possible that the workflow causing this problems.

Hi @g_ii

It working as unattened properly with Start Job Right?

I saw the thread it look wired to see this kind of issue. may be you have missed some setup

For this you have already create the topic so you can discuss on this topic: Orchestrator unable to click the unattended robot

It is not the source of the issue. It is already run as unattended while you trigger the process by start job.

Hope you can continue specific robot issue in that topic


this thread is open to check whether it’s my workflow problems as some said that the things occurred because the orchestrator thinks that the specific workflow is for attended,and shouldn’t be run at unattended robot.

That why the unattended robot is not showing in trigger.

and since it’s no because the workflow problems, as you say all workflow can run at unattended.
then i would just close this thread and focus on another one.

also thank for you reply.

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