How to check text in the same line to identify to edit data in correct row?

I have a problem while developing the workflow to automate a software, it will need to read excel input from excel and put into the software but here come the point…

While working on the flow I was using method to use click if the “รหัสบูท(booth code) [Example : IBYAG1M-131]” but set offsetX to 200 for it to double click “จำนวนเงิน (Amount of money)” to be able to edit the amount.

This method was working fine until I found out that the booth code is not unique anymore (Example : IBYAG1M-131)
And the รหัสสินค้า(Item code) is also not unique (Example SV-004 and WT-002)

The only way I see human able to identify how to edit the correct value is to matching the Item code and Booth code to gether to find the correct value to fill (SV-004 and IBYAG1M-131 as first line | WT-002 and IBYAG1M-131 as second line) [Extra example like SV-004 and IBYAG1M-132 as third line | WT-002 and IBYAG1M-132 as fourth line ]

The big problem is the element that UiPath can detect in this zone is one who chunk like this

The entire green and white is not editable at all so it would be hard to get the data from it

And the only way to edit the Amount of money is to double click it

(If you do not click the zone box before typing the new value, it will be appear in previous active zone box)

The data rows also possible to be more than 5 lines (Need to find way for it to check and move down to find beyond the lines too)
The data rows can be shuffle and not arranged in excel (But it will be group together)

If anyone have suggestions or have experienced the same or similar problems and able to share is welcome!

Try getting the data fromwhole table first…and then split the data retrieved on new line to identify how many lines are there and then find the required combination and in which line it is coming…this would help in identifying the row number on the screen

Now comint to the click …did you try using keystrokes?

We can always try to click on first cel and then use keystrokes to move around and enter key can mostly help in making the amount column active to type… if this works then we can count the rows and pass key strokes to move around

If keystrokes are not an optiosn then after calculating the roe number we have to go with increasing thw offset by multiplying the row number with a constant offset to click on each row amount column…

And if not found then we can try using mouse scroll or click to scroll again and then try to get the data and again repeat the above process

Hope this helps


Do you have any suggestion on how to extract the data from whole table?

Is get text not getting the data?


Here is the result on trying to get text from the detectable zone chunk

Please indicate it in ui explorer and check from the attributes in any of the attribute of data is present

Alternately try with get visible text activity

else try using cv activities to get the text


I have tried UI Explorer the attribute does not have any related value at all unless it’s the editable cel (Amount of money) that appeared to be able to highlight. - Not work

For Get Visible Text it get text randomly mixed to each other without space but some are have correct spacing, and when the language is not English it became unreadable language text. - This one also might not work properly most of the time

As for CV Extract table seems to be able to get most of the data correct to datatable when write into excel, but when it is not an English language text it got the same problem as Get Visible Text activity. - This one might works

Thank you

So you can try with cv as youa re getting data…and as we dont need all the data…if the required data is coming then we can try to find the row and use above logic to click


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