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In web table I have numeric data , I want to check if group currency Amount matches to “0.00” And Clerk code matches to QW then proceed to some task.

Please refer screenshot.

p.s : I’ve tried row(1).toString=“QW” AND row(4).toString=“0.00” (It’s not working)

can anyone help

@chiranjit.saha1 Can you tell us what is the current approach that you are using? If you are using data Scraping to extract the table from the Website, Can you write the datatable to an Excel file and verify the values are extracting properly or not ?

Hi, I’m using the data Scrapping to extract the value. I have stored this data on output data table.( I haven’t write to Excel) and then verifying the value

@chiranjit.saha1 Can you just write the datatable to an Excel file using Write Range Activity, so that you can verify if all values are extracted properly ?

Also, this might be an index problem.

I see that you need to read column 1 and column 4 of your table. Since UiPath sets column 1 with the index 0, try

row(0).ToString ="QW" 


row(3).ToString = "0.00"

Possibly not, Group Currency amount belongs to 4th position. from index 0 and I might have typo error for clerk code.

row(0).toString=“QW” AND row(4).toString=“0.00” —> it’s not working also

Can you try what @supermanPunch recommended and share the results with us?

when i extract this data this comes this format… please check

1st one web table data , 2nd is extracted and write to excel.

@chiranjit.saha1 So there is an unwanted data in the datatable, if it is always occurring at the first row, You can delete the first from the datatable and then continue with the operation. Can you delete the First row and check if you are able to do the operation in the expected way ?

Understand , that’s why 1st value goes to else block everytime. and there’s mismatch.

But This excel file created and updated in runtime, how can I delete 1st row? If I delete manually, 1st row will be vacant and I need to move every data

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@chiranjit.saha1 Try using the Remove data row activity after the Data Scraping Operation. You can use the row index property to delete the first row.


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Thanks , after doing that 1st row of excel data got deleted .

But problem is that in the webtable still it goes to the else block. so below screen it should choose group currency amount as reconciled when group currency amount 0.00

i’m using If row(4).toString=“0”

I’ve changed this validation to row(4).toString=“0.00”… Now it’s working :slight_smile:

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