Windows Application Automation - Grid problem - Entire Grid recognised as one single element. How to enter a value in a cell which is inside the grid?


I am trying to automate a windows application in which some of the elements are recognized in a weird way.

The first key issue is -

Grid\Tables are recognized as one element and unable to extract specific cell or edit specific cell. Please refer below screenshot. The red color highlight is the element.

How do I edit the specific cells like code and description?

I am unable to extract the values using Table extraction too. How to automate these?


The second issue is -

The text fields are recognized only when we click on the element (i.e only if its the active text field where you have the control). So, in forms - I have to use send hotkeys to tab out to the specific cell in order to activate the cell. If you see below, the cursor is on the username cell and hence its recognised when indicating using uiexplorer.
But the second text field password is not recognised (refer the second screenshot below. I am trying to indicate password but the whole window is getting captured)



Any help would be appreciated.


Hey @Logesh_S , unfortunately this is the case with some applications, we have to remember that UiPath is one application which in theory has the ability to interact with any other application ever built, on any language etc. and there will probably always be circumstances where, due to how the underlying application has been built, UiPath cannot get the selectors in the way we want.

All of that being said, this is one of the reasons why UiPath provides a number of different ways to do things, and with this in mind I have some workarounds which may be helpful for your use cases

  1. In this circumstance, if I was extracting the data I would read the text from the whole element, see what the format is of the extracted data, and then devise a way to split the information to get what you need, you may find there is an easy separator when you extract the data and can split the text into its respective values.
    For inputting the data I would try two things, either clicking into the element with an offset on the click so you are clicking into the correct bit to edit (this would also work by clicking on the column header but offsetting the click down so it clicks below the column name and into the field you want), or alternatively using the Tab keys to move through the data.

  2. I would use click image to get into those boxes

I hope this helps!

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Hi, how did you solve the problem in the end with the grid issue?