How to check mandatory fields for each activity in UiPath

How to check mandatory fields for each activity in UiPath

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usually we should have passed arguments to the category like INPUT and OUTPUT in the property panel
and its purely based on the activity we are going to use buddy
like some might need the parameters to be passed to that activity like INVOKE METHOD and INVOKE VBA
and there are many such
Cheers @Hamsa

Yes! I do get your point. For example, If we consider Element exists activity, selector as INPUT and a Boolean output variable as OUTPUT is mandatory. We can only get to know these mandatory fields only when we start using the activity. But as such, Is there any place maybe backend ( I guess, there is no way to see the fields in the property pane tagged as Mandatory/Optional ), where we can check the mandatory fields for each activity.

a check against XXX Info Ressource is out of box not available or at least really not easy to find. For some Quality/Parsing Checker from technology viewpoint XML Schemas can in some cases help to setup custom check solutions. But also requires manually work due actuallym complete schema definitions are not easy to found (UiPAth, Windows Workflow Foundations) etc.

Regardless of the points from above, what is the motivation of your question? Can you eleaborate more on your needs?

We are basically trying to document the mandatory fields/properties for each activity.

Any suggestions on this topic please