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Hi guys, i’m making a flowchart for verify a account who already exists in a specific site, but i need to verify if the fields are filled.


If the field “Name” is filled go to the next field “Age”

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You can check that by using a Mapping table of the mandatory/field to be checked.

Use get text activity of the required fields and validate those one bye one. You can loop the mandatory mapping table and check one by one.

I am referring the mapping table as a configuration sheet for the required fields to be verified.

Hello @sarathi125, thank you for the fast reply!

I don’t get it how to use the get text activity.

i’m doing this project on internet explorer, so i have to create a variable right? To identify if the field is filled.

I will upload an image with the example of the fields.

Thanks for your help!

@Marcos1 - So for Get Text Activity use Indicate on Screen then click on the element which you want to fetch then on the properties pane it will show you the the output variable just press ctrl+k and name the variable. ctrl+k will create the variable as well as store the value in the output.
Hope it will you.


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Did we try with IMAGE EXISTS activity
Like keep that NAME field without any value and choose that NAME field along with field being empty as a image for IMAGE EXISTS activity

So this will give us output a Boolean variable of type true or false
Use a IF condition like this
bool_variable = True
True means the field is empty and goes fro THEN part of if condition or if false means the image with empty field doesn’t exists and so the name field has some value in it and THUS ENSURES THAT IT IS FILLED WITH VALUE

and if we want to get the value of it in the ELSE PART OF if condition use a GET ATTRIBUTE activity and get the value of attribute “aaname” or “Text” as a string variable

Or if we want to just move to age field then in same ELSE part use click activity or send hot key activity with key as tab

Cheers @Marcos1

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Hi bro need your help, i have a grid so i want to take the text from each cell.
Note:its not a table i cant able to do data scrapping. so here i have the only option that i can take the value by row by row…

one more tricky is the idx values are not unique…its keep on changing …so i tried many ways but because of the idx chages and aaname changes i cant able to get the proper solution.

so here i just thought that is it possible to get the text without using aaname and idx…

please revert i keep on trying it so far.


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