UiPath App Studio : How to create a Mandatory text box


I am trying to build an App using the UiPath App Studio. I have a scenario where, i need to get few input argument in the form of Textbox and once User enters all the values and clicks submit the app executes an process.

The challenge I am facing is i need to have a mandatory check for few argument. That is, if user did not enter the values then my submit button should not run the process.

How to make a particular text box mandatory?

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Hey @Vignesh_R_I,

As per current release, We can able to make a null check of the textbox control element as below


Empty spaces wont be considered here, it will be considered as right value for now.

You may validate the same in the automation flow.

Hope this helps.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Can you please elaborate what you have created on the if condition expression