Availability of field


While developing a process in UiPath, I encountered a field that is not always available for the user to type data in.
If it is available, I want to insert a date variable. If not, I want to skip this step.


How do I check if it’s available or not before typing the date in?


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You can use Element Exists activity to check whether the field is available or not.

Karthik Byggari

Hi @shachar

Fine we have an activity called ELEMENT EXISTS activity

Kindly follow the below steps that could help you resolve this issue
–use this activity to highlight the element and the output of this activity will be a boolean type and name it out_boolean
–use a if condition activity and in condition mention like this
if this condition gets passed it will go to the THEN part of if condition where you can enter the date variable or it will go to the ELSE part of if condition where you can leave it empty so that it will skip the step
Hope this would help you buddy
Cheers @shachar

@Palaniyappan, @KarthikByggari The element is always on the screen. In some cases, i just can’t type into it

Check the properties of that element ex: disabled
if it is enabled and then do typing

@kalyanDev I cant find “disabled” in the properties of Element exist or Find element…


Hi @shachar Not in this panel check in ui explorer for that element

There’s no disable or enable in the property explorer, but there’s: image
do you think I will be able to use “role” instead?


May be you have different cases right check this property in all those cases so that we can get use