How can I take checkbox state that weather the checkbox available on screen is checked or unchecked

I want to check the state of checkbox and need to check or uncheck based on my excel data
kindly help

Hi @gangwar.ritu1


Please check this attribute while selecting the checkbox

if the checkbox is selected its value will be 1
otherwise 0 when unchecked

for checking the state of checkbox and validating it via uipath, use get attribute activity to get the value of checked attribute, if the checked attribute is 0, then the check box is not selected
if checked attribute is 1, then the checkbox is selected


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Hi @gangwar.ritu1

Use click activity and indicate the selector on checkbox wordings(yes or no). After that, change the selector(eg: aanama=’"+your variable+"’)


get attribute method is not working for desktop application as it is capturing the whole screen, that the reason I am using computer vision activities in my project

please suggest something from computer vision activity

Did u enable the java extension in ur desktop application so that u can select the indiviual elements?

how I can enable java extension in desktop application , I am working on SAP Business One

Hi @gangwar.ritu1

If u are using sap then use sap activitiy in Uipath

Did u tried that ?

My Application is SAP Business one and here SAP Activities are not working, computer vision activities and some normal activities are working

Try with image exists @gangwar.ritu1

Then based on that decide whether the check box is checked or not

It would be easy approach


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