How to change the transition order?

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Is there any document about change the transition order?
With in REF, in the Initialization,the default condition is SystemException,I want add the 3rd condition,and how to change the transition order?
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May @NIVED_NAMBIAR help you in this

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Hi @Pratik_Wavhal
Can you give me some link?
Or Need to edit the xaml with notepad?
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Hi @donghai

What u mean by transition

Can u elaborate ?


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Thanks for your reply.
As below Image

I do this by edit the xaml source file.

Editing the transitions we can do by editing the XAML within an editor e.g. notepad++. But do always a backup from the XAML before.

First lets get the difference between a set of transitions and shared transitions

Set of transitions:

T1, T2 are transitions of State
the order we can change by editing the orders in the XAML

Shared transitions

we do add with Add Shared Transitions and do reordering the arrow up/down

Conversion of a set of transitions to shared transitions we can do also by editing the XAML:
just edit the SrcConnectionPointIndex Value to same Values e.g. 44 to 33
and rework on the shared transitions as usual and described above

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Hi @ppr
I have seen you post in orther thread, and I was do by this way.
Is there any way to implement in UIPATH? :sweat_smile:
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