Copy Paste between Flowchart and Sequence and Renaming xaml-Files

Hey there,

I am using Version 19.10 and I noticed 2 things.

  1. When Copying Elements from a Flowchart to a Sequence, the Elements get ordered backwards. Probably the nodes in the xaml-file are in opposite Order. This can be quite a pain, when you decide to convert one of your xaml-Files from Flowchart to Sequence.

  2. I used to create my xaml-Files with “TODO”, but noticed that even though I rename them after I completed them, the name is still in there. This is just a miscellaneous issue and Probably there is a reason for the first name to be kept. So a “TODO” tag would be a nice feature.

Agree with the copy paste from workflow to sequence!!

Also visa versa when pasting from sequence to workflow .


Thank you for your suggestion. I added it to our internal ideas tracker for our team to consider.

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