How to sequentially sort the cases in an order in the switch sequence activity?

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There is no functionality or parameter available as of now in the switch activtity if one has to the sort the cases in an order when the type argument is ‘Int32’.
Can anyone suggest how can this be achieved?

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Hi @Aakash07

Can you elaborate please.Can you share more details about the issue.

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hey @Aakash07
change the type of switch activity in the properties panel

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Hi Robot Masters,

It seems that you didn’t get the query raised.
I have selected type argument as ‘Int32’ but i want them all the cases of the switch sequence to be in a order either ascending or descending, like Case 3, Case 4, Case 9, not the one in the order depicted in the attached screenshot.
Please find the attached screenshot for more clarity.

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Maybe a direct edit of the XAML can help us. I will check that option and let you know

i think it should be manually, or using a “flow Switch” to sort better

When its a game of sequence, one wouldn’t be able to call flow switch.
This thing needs to be updated with the release of new versions.

an edit of xaml with e.g. notepad++ did it in my simple scenario:

Never do this before taking backup of the xaml
However even if its possible it could have some risks. Feel free to do it or not

The sequence is created by the user and also it has no effect on functionality, if you think this would be a feature one must have, then you could open a post in the Ideas category.

but can use first a flowchart, then use the activity, you can use a flowchart inside a sequence