How to change order of transition between state machines

Hi, we have multiple transitions between state machines. The order of the transitions is important. How can we change the order of them?

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The arrow in setting state machine transition has an option to set the order, use it and see



Hi Nadim,
Are we talking about the same thing? We have version 2017.1. Please see screenshot.

Nearly there. One level down.
Click on one of the transitions and then you will find the arrow to arrange

This is not showing. Nothing happens when we click the → Destination. We cannot find any sub level. If we click the “System Error” or “End Process” we will just enter that state. There are no options to rearrange there.
Could you please guide us to where to go? Are you sure that this is a feature of 2017.1 ?

Hello, I got the same issue no options to rearrange transition order. My workarround is like that.

Copy transition > delete transition > paste it
it will be the last added transition meaning the first in flow, but showing at bottom of the list.

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Hey sorry, if you are doing different logic based transition, you cant arrange them.
However if its the same condition you can rearrange them :slight_smile:

It would be a great idea if the order of evaluation of the transitions could be changed in the designer. Hope such a feature could be added in a future release.


@RayJay @judewong Give a try by:

Closing workflow XAML
Open xaml in an external editor (e.g. notepad++)
And change the order there

DO always a backup of the XAML before executing the actions from above

Yes the order is important. Once the first rule/condition is true other transition conditions will not be checked

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Thanks for the tip @ppr :+1: Still hope this will be built into the designer, a safer option :grinning:

@judewong Was it working? If yes can you tick as solution. Others can benefit from it.

I dont know older Studio Versions. In 2018.3 and above there is the concept of shared tranisitions. Then you can edit the order (refer to screenshot above). In case of you want to merged not shared transitions into a shared transitions, it can be done with a trick in the XAML.

Thanks, @ppr. Both options would work. Sorry, I didn’t have the option to mark as the solution.

@nadim.warsi method does work but the transitions need to start from the same point.

I also hope that this future will be implemented soon. I needed to change the transitions order when using ReFramework and lost some time to make it work.

@RayJay hey bro u can delete the transition and then u can rearrange them thats the only way

No deletion is not required and can be avoided:

The order of adding transitions is important. Delete all of them and create them based on their priority.