How to change the destination folder in the save as window

Hello, could someone help me how can I insert a variable file location into the file destination to be downloaded in a save as window!

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Hi @Rasoul,

Use Type into text activity and give variable name over there.

Prerequisite - resepctive variable value is file location.

tried it, not working, and it is not writing anything into the bar, I tried clicking before typing also set text, and simulate click and still now working

@Rasoul Give some delay and also check simulate click.

I tried simulate click, send windows message, and delay

@Rasoul You can Try this

*Use Set to clipboard activity and pass variable.

*Use Send Hotkeys Ctrl+v so it will paste the variable value.

I have tried it and the only thing happening is that the bar highlights


use “Take Informative Screenshot” and click on the path text box and check options. it worked me very well.

Okay apparently if we paste the path into the “File Name” bar it also saves it into the correct place, so no need to change the destination on the destination bar


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