Changing name file in a save dialogue box

After clicking save as from an IE explorer bar to make the download, I am trying to change the name of the file ( to keep my downloads more organized than using time stamps ). Using the type into activity and the set text activity just after that, I can see the file name box enter the variable I need. However, when I go back into the file path folder I see that the name of the file is the time stamp name still. Its a zip file.

Any thoughts how I can save the file as the variable name ?


May I know what input was mentioned in type into
Cheers @Anjiba

a string variable - for example 01062020

so the type in is -, string format

So it looks fine like we got the one that we have mentioned
Is that the issue buddy
Kindly elaborate a bit more pls

I had a similar issue before where when I type into a web browser the input wouldn’t stick until I used set text after type into. I think i’m facing the same issue but with a dialogue box this time around. I see the right file name getting typed into the file name field but it continues to save the default time stamp.

—let’s try either like set delay between keys property in type into activity with values around 3000
—inside of type into activity or set text activity let’s use SET TO CLIPBOARD activity where pass the same string as input
—then use SEND HOT KEY activity with key as ctrl+v so that it will paste the value to that field

Then use click activity to click in save button

Cheers @Anjiba

Second option did the trick. You rock man! thanks