How to change default project settings?

Does anyone know if (and how) can I change default project settings? I know that I can change the settings of the current project (Project panel → Project Settings), but I would like to change the default ones so that every new project I open will have such settings.

The reason is that since the new community release 2023.4, Computer Vision is by default allowed as a part of the Unified target. I would like to turn it off and keep it turned off so I do not have to make changes to the project settings in each new project.

Thank you for any feedback!


ProjectPanel → Project settings are specific to one project
If you create another project that needs to configured again using the previous project you have changed


Have you thought about building a new project with all the settings you want and then simply using that one as a framework?

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Go to studio → settings → design can try here

Also you can create one project or framework with required versions and settings and can extract as template and use that template always…that way all the settings can be controlled including versions or pckages

Hope this helps


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@Srini84 Yeah, I noticed that the project settings are ‘project specific’.

@Marco_Ber I wanted to handle the project settings only, but yes, creating a template could be a possible workaround.

@Anil_G Studio → settings → design does not offer anything of interest in this regards. Creating a template would work.

I was thinking that there might be some JSON/XML file in the Studio path where I could adjust these, but I guess that I might wreak havoc with any changes in such file :slight_smile: The template creation is probably the best option.

Thank you all!

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Hi @FilipG ,

Do you mean you do not want the Computer Vision activities enabled for you ? I believe these come as part of the UiAutomation activities package.


I think @FilipG wants to disable it as targeting method in Unified Target, which is a new feature we’re releasing in 23.4.

@FilipG, may I ask why do you want to disable it? The question is from a product perspective - I’m the CV PM @UiPath. The reason we’ve set this to True by default (for Desktop, Web & Java) is we believe that’s the user happy path, as it provides more powerful targeting (whenever the driver can’t see some UI elements, as an example), resilience to changes in UI (CV will be a fallback for “Selector Not Found”) and portability (you can very easily re-use any automation indicated in a native Windows enviornment by just replacing the windows selector of a Remote Desktop app).


Thank you for reaching out.
You got it right, I wanted to disable it from the Unified Target.

As for the reason. I noticed the implementation yesterday during a workshop that I was leading and it threw me of my balance, so I guess that was the first negative (yet undeserved) impression. Then there was the assumption that this feature requires API key and is subject to payment (as in case of Computer vision activities) - on the second look, it seems not to be the case. So, combine those two impressions/prejudices with me being a rather conservative consumer and you have the reason :slight_smile:

But reading after myself what I wrote, I am unfair and I should go out of my conservative comfort zone and give it a try :slight_smile:


This has got to be one of the most wholesome, human and natural reply I’ve ever read on a forum :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: (I mean it!).
Thank you for replying and let us know if you have any feedback on the new integration of CV in Unified Target. Happy automation! :innocent:


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