Project settings not permanently saved?

Hi, when changing project settings there doesn’t seem to be any changes to commit, does this mean that project settings are reset each time a project is cloned from repo?

In other words, each time a project is cloned from repo, before publishing to orchestrator, do all project settings need to be set again?


To avoid issues with project settings not being saved or applied correctly when cloning from a repository, it’s important to commit all necessary project files, including the “settings” folder, and ensure that your version control and project setup are configured appropriately. Additionally, always check the project settings and make necessary adjustments based on your specific project requirements.

Project setting is specific to that particular project and applies for all its upcoming version
If u want to have the same settings for all the other projects then it has to be set either in studio level with studio settings or on tenant level using Automation Ops

Have a view on this for more details

Hope this clarifies

Thank you for the fast reply, I found a .gitignore that caused my commit to ignore project settings

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