Change default project location/Settings

Please add an option to change default project location. If I see correctly it defaults to MyDocuments, which in some instances is synced to profile backup and/or stored on network shares.

An Options/Settings/Preferences page would be nice too - there isn’t many customizations right now, but at least user preferences could be in one place.



Andrzej.Kniola April 20, 2016 18:07

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In addition to changing the project location, it would be great to be able to change the Project Description. (Unless it is already there, and I am missing how to do it)

You can change the Project Description (manually) by going to the project location and editing project.json file in any text editor (I’ll recommend Notepad++).

Keep in mind that I haven’t tested it with language-specific chars, also look out for special characters (quotes, apostrophes) that could break the json syntax.

As an idea this should be visible in ‘backstage’ and editable at any point.

UiStudio.settings file (same folder as UiStudio.exe) should be modified to have correct description in Recent list

Hi @andrzej.kniola, have you tried changing the “NewProjectPath” setting from “UiStudio.settings” to point to any other location? This setting actually updates every time a new project is created and the path is changed. It remembers the last “new project” location. I realize this answer might come a bit late, sorry for that. :slight_smile:

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Just to update on Mircea post which was made some time ago but is still indexed by Google:
At the moment the correct path to the settings file is C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\UiPath\UiStudio.v2.settings and you need to update DefaultProjectFolder in UiPath.Studio.Plugin.Workflow.WorkflowPluginSettings->WorkflowPluginSettings

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Marked as Completed because it is possible to do now from the UI :slight_smile: