How to change csv file format to xlsx format

how to change csv file format to xlsx format in the same excel
how to make changes in the current excel file


CSV and excel as two different types

you can read the csv file using read csv and then use a write range activity to write the datatable to a new excel

Alternately you can use use excel file activity pass the csv as the input file

and then use save as excel file activity and select .xlsx



csv is an excel file
i have 21 csv excel files all should change the format as .xlsx how to do that

Hi @anjani_priya

Read the Excel & write to csv

Hi @anjani_priya

Yesterday Anil & everyone explained the same logic of for each file in a folder use the same logic here. & Put the code given by him in above post. Try on your own. You will learn quickly.


Just so that you know …a little googling also will help

now coming to c hanging all use a loop around


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no change reflected


did you give the correct path?

are csv present?

just tried same

one is csv and one is excel

Please check properly




please use a log message inside and check if it is looping any files and if the folder path is correct or not


its looping but format is not changing


A new file will be created with smae name…please try to open the folder and sort by name and check two files with same name should be present in the folder one with .csv and other with .xlsx


no it didn’t created


Can you share your xaml here…i can try from my end…with few example files also would help

Also if this does not work please go with using read cav and then write daatatable to excel activities


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