Convert xlsx to csv

Hi Team,

I have one xlsx file I have to convert into csv.

So, I have use read range activity then after that I use write csv activity.

but my output come like this why.

but when I copy this csv file from the server and open in my local system the output is correct :slightly_smiling_face:

so can anyone help me on this, and also i attached an input file below:
RawInput.xlsx (11.4 KB)

Hi @Anish_Kumar2

Check out this thread

Check out the below zip file. It was working fine at my end. (36.9 KB)

Hope it helps!!

That do not work for me maybe in my server there is problem.
I notice whenever I open csv on my server. that popup is came maybe that why its happen

Hi @Anish_Kumar2

May be that you be cause. It’s working fine at my local machine too.

Hope you have found the solution. If yes, please mark my post it as solution



Instead of writing data in a csv file write it in text file,Here i give comma as a seperator


I dint see any error with the file…to view a csv ideally we need to use text file…sometimes excel might not parse it properly that is usual…the output you are showing is having comma inbetween which is the basic ask for csv


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