Convert All .xlsx File Into .csv File

I have A project ,
this project is to Convert all excel file .xlsx file into .csv
all .xlsx file is placed in the folder.
and i want the result which is .csv also placed to the other folder.

rename file name extension i think it is a bad Idea

Please Help me with this ,

  1. Read the .xlsx files using the read range activity.
  2. Write the range in a new file using the Write CSV activity.
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Use Directory.GetFiles command to retrieve all files and iterate through loop with For each acitivity. Use read range activity to read excel file and output to dt1. Next step would be to create csv file with dt1 and save it on your desired path.

how about manipulating file path of those excel & result.

hi @singhonkar,
Sorry I’m just only beginner,
can i ask .xamp file for me to check & study.

thank you


Please refer to below screenshots.

Let me know incase of any queries.

try this Main.xaml (6.7 KB)

Thank you @singhonkar

for this sample & possible solution,

Welcome. I tried this on my machine and it’s working. Do let me know incase if you’re facing issues.

this method is also right,
but manipulating file path is one of my big problem.

but thanks for this.

ill give you feedback later.


I have picked the excel from a folder and saved the csv in another folder. I thought this is what you were looking for.

hi @VirajN,
Yes that’s my point but i have many excel file to convert.
i want all of my excel file in my folder to convert and the result is placed into another folder.

hi @singhonkar can i see variable Type .


First variable Files will be of String Array.
You can simply tell me the variable name and i’ll get back to you. I can’t upload any workflows due to security purpose.

Filepath also a String array right ?

error found


FilePath variable is of string type. This will your destination path where you want your files to be stored.

Can you please share your write csv activity screenshot.


Please do a little modification.
remove previous assign activity and add this.