How to capture browser ui elements within virtual pc window

Hi, I am currently running a simple rpa that logs into a production url to check availability. Just logs in and if successful, sends report. On my local all is well, but when the bot runs it on the virtual pc (vpc), it triggers a login portal due to my organization’s SSO. The bot’s credentials, if entered manually, work fine, but the bot doesn’t automatically get past this (like my username would). My question is: how can I capture unique, specific ui elements in a browser within the vpc. When I try to indicate on screen for the ui elements so I can perform the login, studio only recognizes the entire vpc window, not anything specific within the window (i.e. browser with login portal) therefore not allowing me to pinpoint the username and password inputs. Is there a way to get the ui elements within a vpc window? Thanks.

its in a remote system or what ??

yes, after i develop on my local, it runs in dev (and prod) on a remote desktop. When running on the remote desktop the login portal in question is just in the browser, but when developing I can only access the browser window via the remote desktop. If I could capture the ui elements i need via studio, within the browser inside the vpc window I would be fine, but studio only captures the outside window of the vpc, nothing within it (ie the browser window with the login page)

Install Studio on the VPC and do your coding there. Or get proper access to the web page on your PC. Those are your two choices.

Thank you Postwik. Couldn’t see the forest through the trees. Problem solved. Just coded from the vpc, then copied workflow into project and works like a charm!

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