How to Browser Navigate To in the Last Window/Tab Used?

What I want to achieve:
The environment is already a browser open, having multiple windows, where each window has multiple tabs open it it. With the environment mentioned, I added Open Browser (which open new tab in new window), and access URL A. After getting data from URL A, I want to use the same window and tab to navigate to URL B.

Current Behavior:
When using Browser > Navigate To, it opens URL B not in the window and tab where the URL A is already open, but always open it to the first window opened, the leftest tab. May be it is the object of the Navigate To?

Any way to use Navigate To to open URL B in the tab where the URL A is open?

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Create browser variable for last window(assume browser 1) and pass same browser variable in navigate activity property


Sorry for forgetting to say thank you, @ddpadil .
Yes, I found the Output property that time. Thank you!

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