Navigate to recently opened tab

Here’s what I’m trying to do:
If a browser is already open, start a new tab and navigate to a URL in that newly opened tab.
I’ve got a hotkey that opens a new tab, followed by a navigate to the URL. But it always opens the URL in the first tab, not the newly opened empty tab. Is it possible to assign the Navigate To activity to the newly opened tab? I don’t see any selector for the Navigate To to specify a tab title. Any help would be appreciated.

See this - How to Browser Navigate To in the Last Window/Tab Used?

Yeah, I’ve already looked at this thread. My problem is under the assumption that only one window is open, in which case I use the attach browser activity. In the attach browser activity’s “Do” sequence, I send a “new tab” hotkey, followed by a “navigate to” activity. I want the “navigate to” to happen in the new tab, but can’t seem to find a way to do it. Passing the browser variable doesn’t solve this problem for me. It still opens in the left most tab.

Have you tried this, @sweetduder ?
Put Attach Browser once again (for the new blank tab), then under that put he Navigate To activity.

That did the trick! Thanks!