How to open multiple tabs in the same browser window?

I am trying to built web automation which include multiple websites and i need to open all the websites in single browser window.


Please try this


you can use the “Open Browser” activity for the first tab and then use the “Navigate to” activity to open additional tabs in the same browser window

You can use use applictaion/browser Activity and use “navigate to” or go to url activity to open additional tabs with the same browser window.

Hello @Naveen_Chowdary

  1. Use the Open Browser activity first.
  2. In the URL field give the first URL you wish to open.
  3. To open additional websites in the same browser window, you can use the Navigate To activity within the same Open Browser scope. Add the URLs of the additional websites in the URL field of the Navigate To activity.

Or else, you can store all the website urls in an Excel and use for each row to open all the urls one by one

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

you can create workflow as below
use open browser activity and then use navigate to