Issue - Cannot communicate with the browser in chrome

I’m not able to record the UIElement in chrome browser also I’m installing uipath extension in chrome but then also I keep showing this error…

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Well I have faced this issue multiple times when Chrome is in question (rarely with IE only when flash apps containing Iframes were involved)

  1. Uninstall the Chrome plugin and install again
  2. Wait for ready should be complete during initial steps.
  3. Anything that doesn’t work as simulate you keep it as the default click or type into.

I know recording is easy and then you can edit it but try to take the drag and drop approach when doing Chrome automation as some UiElements will have Uipath given IDX only on which it works so it might be better to check the feasibility before committing to the code.

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Kindly use Internet Explorer for your browser.

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Hi @Demo_Narola,
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Please give us more details like:

  • OS version
  • Studio version
  • Chrome version
  • .Net Framework version
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