Extension Issue - Chrome

Hi team,
After updating the studio version to 2023.4.0 and ui automation packages to 23.4.5 i cant do the web automations. Facing issues as installation failed any suggestion pls


Hi @smarthari1997

You have to install the chrome in the UiPath extension to use the chrome browser for web automation.
Open the Backstage view of UiPath Studio and Go to the tools option and click on the UiPath extensions. Here you can install the chrome extension.

Hope it helps!!

i checked there its aldready installled


Please go to chrome and remove the current extension

Now reinstall the chrome extension and check


its showing like this

Hi @smarthari1997

Try uninstalling the chrome extension from UiPath Studio and reinstalling it again. May be it will work for you.



Go to
Manage extensions remove and the reinstall it please

Else check this troubleshoot guide



If you are already installed in UiPath. You have to install the UiPath in the Chrome as well.
Open the Chrome → Open the Settings → Select the Extensions option →
Click on the manage Extensions → Search for the UiPath → Hit on install.

Do the above process then you can use the chrome for web automation.

Note - If you are already installed, uninstall and remove the UiPath. Then Reinstall the UiPath.

Hope it will help!!