How to Automate Website logins with UiPath Studio | Securely Enter Usernames and Passwords and Submit

Automated UiPath Website Logins

I know a number of developers who struggle with automated website logins, so here’s a quick tutorial that shows you how to use the UiPath StudioX getUsernamePasswordX activity.

A StudioX Activity in Studio?

Just so you know, you can use this UiPath StudioX activity in Studio for developers. Just click the funnel in the activities panel and select “Show StudioX

UiPath & Credentials Manager

The neat thing about this activity is that it integrated with Windows Credentials Manager, so the username and password gets saved permanently as a web credential in the OS. So the user only needs to provide the credential once and it’s there for all future interactions.

Hope this helps anyone who needs to automate website logins with UiPath Studio and StudioX.

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UiPath Website Login Tutorial

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