How to make bot login to any website




I wish to open any site on browser and then make the bot to login using correct credentials and then go ahead with the work. I tried to do with window credential: link - . However i am not able to find the activities mentioned in this page (e.g add credential). Can you please tell me how to do so


Make sure to install UiPath.Credentials.Activities package from manage package pane.

PS: Install all the available packages for the future reference.


You can use excel as well, by defining the URL and credentials row by row in any sheet. Read all the information using excel activities, then you can use web recording or by manual open browser,type into and click activites.


storing credentials in excel, won’t this method be insecure. Anyone can open excel and see the details


Installed the packages, but still not able to get a proper workflow on how to make the login process


May i know what’s the trouble your facing .I hope now you able to use credential activities as mentioned in the article.