How to integrate Windows Credentials Manager with UiPath Studio and StudioX

You never want to handle usernames and passwords in your code. Not if you can avoid it. Any privacy or security violation can not only embarrass your company but it will likely result in the loss of your job, if not a hefty fine and even a personal lawsuit.

Always have your UiPath Studio programs and RPA Robots use Windows Credentials Manager for web and application usernames and passwords. That relieves you, the developer, from having to deal with credentials.

UiPath and Credentials Manager

In this Windows Credentials Manager and UiPath Studio tutorial, I show you how to pull usenames and passwords from the credential manager using the getUsernamePasswordX activity and then use that information to authenticate against and log into a website.

Private Sequences with Usernames and Passwords

Just another note. Always mark your sequence as private when you do deal with usernames, passwords and other credentials. That stops verbose logging from accidentally logging the secure information.

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Credentials Manager Tutorial

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