How do i create a login for any website

I’m trying to make the URL , username a variable.

Hello @Latoya_mbatha

You can keep the url in config file and username or password as well in the config or in orchestrator assets. Then use Application\Broser activity to open the url and Get asset and get the username and password from orchestrator and pass to website.

can i do that with the community edition

yes, you can do.


We have lot of methods to achieve this…

If you wants to pass the URL as a variable try this

  1. Create a string variable as URL->Pass the value like this ""
  2. Then take one Open Browser activity pass the ->URL Variable


Creating the variables for UserName and password…

  1. Create a string Variable as UserName->Pass the value like this ""
  2. Create a string variable as Password
  3. Take get password activity → Enter the password and pass the Password Variable


Now take the two type into activities

  1. Indicate it on the UserName field->Pass the UserName variable
  2. Indicate it on the Password field_>Pass the Password Variable
  3. Take one click activity to click the sign in button


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for user name do i have to use get element from any websie
and sign in / login do i create a random button.


The username is nothing but which we used to login to the site…

That we need to provide here…

We can use Assets to store the username and password but wr have to use config file…

We can store the credentials in windows credentials as well… we can also get the data from there if we stored the credentials in windows credentials manager